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Thursday, July 26

Download Latest YoWhatsaApp V7.5.1 And Be Able To Use Many WhatsApp Accounts On A Single Smartphone

 There are lots of modded WhatsApps out there such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp PLus, and many others but YoWhatsApp is arguably one of the best. With YOWhatsApp, you can run 2 whatsApp accounts on one smartphone simultaneously. If you are also bored ofthe same Interface that the stock WhatsAppp has to offer then you customize and theme your WhatsApp interface to your choice using YoWhatsApp.

Another new version of YoWhatsApp has just been released and this is the version 7.5.1. As usual the new updated version comes with a lot of new features as well as major improvements. YoWhatsApp is one of the modded versions of the original WhatsApp App available out there and its developed by  Yousef Al-Basha.

Check the features of YoWhatsApp below.
Regular Updates: YoWhatsApp is always updated to the latest version of WhatsApp which is available for everyone on Google Play Store. This means that your latest Yo WhatsApp will always be an updated base WhatsApp.

Set Image as background for Home screen: On YoWhatsApp you can easily change the background or  chat conversation background image.

Chat Bubble feature: You get the option to customize your chat bubble to however you want it to be.

Freeze Last Seen: You can freeze the last seen of your WhatsApp. This feature is available in all the modded version of WhatsApp. Freezing your last seen means that nobody will know when you are online or offline.

Call Blocker: On YoWhatsApp, you can block someone from calling you without actually blocking them from chatting with you. You can also disable the call feature completely. This is one of the features that is not available on the official WhatsApp App.

White Navigation bar support for Android 8.0+:  If you have Android 8.0+ then you might have seen Android Oreo has a complete white theme. You can change the colour of your navigation bar with the help of YoWhatsApp.

Icons: YoWhatsApp provides you with different icons to choose from if you don't want to use the stock icon.

Language: YoWhatsApp has a large number of supported languages

YoThemes: If you want to install someone else WhatsApp theme or design your own WhatsApp theme then there is a feature in YoWhatsApp which will help the users to theme their WhatsApp however they need and from the store they can download the theme for their device free.

Save Themes: If you are good at creating themes then you can store your theme in zip format and share them with your friends.

No Root: YoWhatsApp does not require root access to run smoothly o your smartphone.

Lock YoWhatsApp: You can lock your YoWhatsApp with an inbuilt feature which helps the user to do so in just a few clicks. You can close your WhatsApp with the help of pin, pattern and fingerprint.

Custom Privacy: Custom Privacy is the feature which helps the users to Hide blue ticks, second tick, blue microphone, typing, and recording.

Emoji Variants: There are the different version of emoji which you can use with the help of YoWhatsApp. You can use emoji of Facebook, Emoji One, Twitter, Android Nougat, iOS 9 Flat.

Copy Chats without Date and Time: YoWhatsApp allows you to copy chats without date and time which means there  is no need to delete the date and time of conversations before copying and pasting.

Send 700 MB Videos: If you want to send your friends any movies then you can do so with the help of YoWhatsApp, and you can share any files without any limits.

WhatsApp Status Above 250 Characters: You can post WhatsApp status on YoWhatsApp above the 250 characters limit.

Zoom Profile Pictures in Double Tap: YoWhatsApp lets you quickly zoom in and out on any profile picture.

Copy Anybody’s WhatsApp Status by a Long Press: If you want to copy your friends WhatsApp status. You can do so by clicking on your friends WhatsApp status, and that’s done you have successfully copied your friends status.

Material Design: If you are a material design fan then you are going to love this application because of YoWhatsApp features new teal design.
Much More

What's new in YoWhatsApp V7.5.1

Change: Base Updated to 2.18.122

Exclusive: Record voice note in one touch.

Exclusive: Now the contact screen will gain the color of theme automatically.

Fixed: Nickname of Group participants not getting colored.

New: Change the background of unread chat tab easily..

Super Exclusive: After choosing any wallpaper you can lock preview.

Added: 7 new icons are added now.

New: Widget background color.

Exclusive: Indonesian Language translation

Exclusive: Fingerprint lock for every chat & app lock

Helpful: Emoji-changer MOD APK Size reduced to 44MB

Added: Recent/viewed bar background color in status

Removed: Annoying Whatsapp Update message

Added: Recent/viewed bar text color in status

Cool: Now delete messages from older than 1 year. Unlimited period of Old conversations

Cool: Increase in limit up to 30 seconds for videos to GIF

Fixed: Other bug fixes and improvements.

Download Latest YoWhatsApp APK

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